1. How do I place my order?

The best way to order is always via Whatsapp on 084 200 8023. Filling out the inquiry form on our website is also beneficial. Alternatively, emails can be sent to cyanne@simplyec.co.za


  1. Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, 60% to place an order and the full balance at least 2 days before collection (birthday and celebration cakes).

Wedding cakes we require 50% deposit to confirm the booking and the final 50% is required one week before delivery date!

Note: The order will only be deemed valid once the deposit is paid. NO cash deposits are allowed, bank fees will be charged to you additionally in the event of bank deposits!

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!


  1. When can I collect my cake?

Once deposit is paid and the booking is confirmed a time for collection will be agreed upon. Coming earlier than the agreed time will often result in having to wait until the agreed upon time for the cake to be finished.


  1. How far ahead must I book my cake?

Please contact us as soon as you start planning your event to avoid disappointment with availability. Please not more than 9 months ahead. Because of uncertainty of input costs and availability, we cannot quote that far ahead.

For wedding cakes 3 – 6 months is sufficient. For celebration cakes, about 2 weeks, even though earlier is better. Minimum a week’s notice is advisable since we cannot guarantee availability on orders made within less than a week of the due date.


  1. Do you take last minute bookings?

We always try our best to accommodate last minute bookings however the design may be reduced to a less complex design and additional features may be removed, as there is only so much we are able to do in a day or two.


  1. Do you deliver?

Currently we only deliver wedding cakes as the transportation and set up fees are charged on the quotation and it is included in the service we provide to the bride and groom. We do not allow wedding cakes to be collected.

Birthday and celebration cakes are not delivered to clients and collection is required. Only under very special conditions do we deliver birthday and celebration cakes.


  1. What is the best way to transport the cake?

Don’t place the cake on the seat as they are not flat and may cause the cake to tilt or fall over. Don’t leave the cake in the car in the hot sun and make sure you travel with the aircon on, fetch the cake when you know you are going directly to the venue or home no extra or along the way stops. Place the cake on a flat surface such as the footwell or the boot. Make sure no loose items on the cake may move, bounce or shift during the transportation. Don’t SPEED, turn SHARPLY or break SUDDENLY! Driving Miss Daisy is the way!

Should the cake be damaged during the transportation we will not be held liable for such damages and no compensation will be given!


  1. I have an allergy, should I tell you about it?

YES!! Please tell us BEFORE you order. It is very important for us not to poison you. Please take into consideration that your guests might also have allergies.

We work in a kitchen where nuts, eggs, dairy and other allergens are used, cross contamination cannot be avoided completely. Our from scratch mixes and fillings contain, dairy and sometimes egg as a base.


  1. Do you offer cake tastings?

We currently only offer cake tastings by appointment for wedding cakes. We do not offer tastings for events other than weddings. We host and regularly attend events and will post these on our Facebook page for you to meet with us and taste our flavours etc outside a set up cake tasting appointment.



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