Simply Exquisite Cakes is a home bakery that specialises in Rich Moist Cake, we don’t offer sponge cake. We started in 2013 as a mother and daughter team, with a friend’s wedding cake. We decided to turn our passion of cake art into a business and 6 years later we are going strong.

Early into our caking careers we noticed the gap in the market for delicious moist cake and decided to specialise in rich moist cake, as we do not believe in wasting food and often noticed left over cake at weddings and parties as people don’t enjoy dry and tasteless sponge cake premix that many other bakers offer. All our cakes are baked from scratch with the finest ingredients to give our clients a premium product.

Every cake we bake and decorate, we treat as an artwork and much love and care is poured into each masterpiece we create. We dedicate many hours to each of our cakes and we do our utmost to recreate every client’s dream. Cakes are not just food to us, they are a smile on a little child’s face, or a twinkle in a brides eye.

Our aim in the industry is not only to create beautiful cakes for people once off, but to walk a journey with every client, celebrating the many special moments life has to offer. We want to celebrate the birthdays, the engagement, the wedding, the baby shower, the promotions, the first birthday, the subsequent birthdays – the life journey!


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